Have a new product you are marketing? How about a new paradigm you'd like to embrace? Maybe a new CEO you'd like to introduce?

If you have an upcoming corporate event that could use a magical touch. From elegant close-up to full stage productions, I have the solution.

Magic can help smooth the transition in management. Magic can help make your product much more memorable. Magic can help you in almost any business situation. Danny T. will devise and produce a custom-made effect for whatever you might require.

Not sure which is right for you?? Have a look at the chart below where we offer some suggestions for specific events or venues to which to book Danny T.


  1. Weddings

  2. Bars & Night Clubs

  3. Anniversaries

  4. Bar Mitzvahs

  5. Company Functions

  6. Cocktail Hours

  7. Festivals

  8. Corporate Trade Shows

  9. Business Meetings

  10. Award Banquets

  11. Product Promotions

  12. Conventions

  13. Fund Raisers

  14. Restaurants

  15. Master of Ceremonies


  1. Bars & Night Clubs

  2. Auditoriums

  3. Theatres

  4. Festivals

  5. Corporate Trade Shows

  6. Promotions

  7. Fund Raisers

  8. Grand Openings

  9. Conventions


  1. Company Functions

  2. Tradeshows

  3. Hospitality Suites

  4. Marketing Promotions

  5. Fund Raisers

  6. Business Meetings

  7. Award Banquets

  8. Conventions