You were wonderful!

                       - Susan Sarandon.

That was Amazing thank you sooo much!

                        - Alicia Keys

Dude. You're freaking me out.!

                        - Tara Reid

How do you do that? That was cool !

                         - Maya

Do it Again!........hahahah ok you got us.

                          - Cast of the Sopranos

Wow...Now that was cool!

                          - Whoopi Goldberg

How The Hell Are you doing this? I don't understand

you're pissing me off!!!!

                         - Masaharu Morimoto

You are my favorite magician.

                         - Kazuo Matsui

Thank you for coming I'm so glad I called you.

                          - Stephanie Mills

The best magician I've ever seen.

                           - Tony Randall

It was an honor to have you among us. Wonderful job.

                            - Royal Family of Ethiopia.

We are a scientific community and you fooled us all.

                            - Sanofi, Denmark

Thank you Danny T. it was absolutely awesome.

                             - Mitsubishi Motors

Absolutely amazing.

                              - Michael D"Antuono

Rave Reviews for Danny T.